Better together

We think this industry can do better not just in technical operations, but also in building a diverse organization. We firmly believe that an inclusive and collaborative work culture will lead us to success.

Competitive Compensation
Whether it is to our customers, partners and vendors, or ourselves, we believe in treating each other with respect. People make us successful and we want our team to feel valued by competitively compensating for their efforts. Further, there is life outside of work and we encourage rest through our flexible, unlimited time-off benefit.
Inclusive Workplace
We believe that our best work can only happen when we work together. And, to be truly innovative, we need to actively look for opportunities to practice collaboration better while increasing our diversity of thought, experience, and skillset.
Growth and Longevity
Growth is a core value as individual contributors and collectively as a company. For us, a growth culture means that we all have the mindset and willingness to grow from our challenges and mistakes. Nurturing growth from within fuels our longevity as a company and allows us as individuals to make long lasting careers at Danger Devices.